Driven by curiosity and a strong passion for creating effective skin care products for both men and women searching for cleaner and more beautiful skin – and with the dream of combining the best natural and active ingredients, Dan von Obelitz and Niklas Joergensen launched their own independent Danish brand of skin care products in 2010: Jorgobé Skincare – Copenhagen. The brand soon became famous for its Peel Off Mask, a clean version of a skin best seller product, the black peeling mask.
The original idea was to just test the market potential, but within a few months, the entire production of the 10,000 units of Peel Off Mask was sold. In 2012, having received several awards, among others at Grooming Awards as well as recommendations in Elle and other international fashion and beauty magazines, the Jorgobé Black Peel Off Mask was one of the best-selling face masks in Scandinavia.

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