Extrait de musique

SAUF fragrances, UNUM brand’s little sister, was created in 2016. It is not only a tribute to pipe organs but also to the musicality of perfume and their custom made tempos. Fervent admirer of French organ music, Filippo Sorcinelli expresses his devotion to the tones of the Great Organ of Notre-Dame de Paris by creating this collection of incense fragrances. In 2018, the brand changes its name into Extrait de musique and the packaging are redesigned : the bottle-green flasks come with ivory-inspired caps.
Filippo Sorcinelli was trained at the G. Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, Italy, and at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome. At 13, he was already playing inside the cathedrals of Fano and Rimini. Based in Santarcangelo, he is both the designer for the Vatican's clothes and the organ player of sthe Tempio Malatestiano, the cathedral of Rimini, and of the small church of San Fortunato.