Pissara Umavijani grew up in Thailand, in a house full of poems and memories. Endowed with a strong olfactory sensitivity, she starts very soon to create her own fragrances, using rare essences. Self-taught, she launches the Dusita collection in 2015, with the mission to renew the French perfumery through contemporary compositions inspired by the East.
Dusita owes its name to the celestial kingdom where the mind finds delight and contentment, according to Eastern beliefs. In Thai, Dusita is synonymous with happiness. The perfumes are inspired by the poetry of Montri Umavijani, Pissara's father whose life and work reflect a quest for happiness, so dear to the founder. In 2017, the fragrance Melodie de l'Amour receives the Art & Olfaction prize at the Fifi Awards in Berlin and in 2018 Erawan wins the first prize at the Fifi Awards in Russia.