Begoña Sanjuan is an expert in cosmetics development. Dr Isabel Ramos is a formulator, specialized in skincare and product textures. After a long experience in the beauty industry, Isabel and Begoña decide to create a botanical skincare ritual inspired by "less is more". This consists in establishing a routine providing the skin with exactly what it needs, while following an irreproachable ethical and eco-responsible approach. Thus Ayuna saw the light of day: the commitment to pure, efficient, clean and healthy cosmetics.
The philosophy of this Spanish brand is based on the idea of ​​aging well rather than anti-aging. Ayuna is built around 3 values: advanced formulas with phyto-peptides and plasmas rich in botanical cellular factors; a simple routine, allowing the skin to easily self-regenerate with visible results; conscious beauty, taking into account the skin’s natural development over the years and the need for an adequate routine.

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