The virtues of cannabis have been known for almost five thousand years: the ancient Chinese already mentioned hemp in their pharmacopoeia. In Europe, its medicinal benefits were used until the twentieth century to fight against plague, rheumatism, ear pain and certain mental diseases. Today, cannabis is used for many reasons, especially to promote the circulation of arteries, to moisturize and repair the skin and to treat burns.

Idolized by artists, hippie communities and musicians, such as Bob Marley or Tom Petty, cannabis is known for making people smile, just like the coming of sunny days.

The New York-based Malin + Goetz brand, founded by Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz in Chelsea, offers formulas developed one by one by a trusted chemical, whether it's a long-time friend or an industry specialist with expertise in a certain technology or ingredient.

Whether you are a regular or a neophyte, the new cannabis-scented body wash and candle proposed by Malin + Goetz will remind you of beautiful memories. The body wash, which also acts as a hand cleanser, not only presents spicy notes of cannabis, but also contains am