Advent Calendar 2021
Advent Calendar 2021

During the holiday season, discover a wide range of products based on natural Alpine ingredients from Susanne Kaufmann for face, body and bath. Surprise yourself with body creams, detoxifying masks, soothing bath oils... 25 special gifts to help you wait until Christmas.

Susanne Kaufmann

Advent Calendar 2021

25 surprises before Christmas

The 25 products :
Day Cream Line T 15ml
Regeneration Cream Line T 15ml
Eye Cream Line T 15 ml
Tonic soothing 30ml
Eye Rescue Stick 10ml (full size)
Cleansing Gel 30ml
St. John's Wort Bath 50g
Hyaluron Serum moisturizing 30ml (full size)
Enzyme Peel 15ml
Glow Mask 15m
Moisturizing Mask 15ml
Lip Balm (full size)
Hand Cream nourishing 15ml
Hand Peel rejuvenating 15ml
Body Butter 15ml
Foot Cream warming 15ml
Mineral Body Lotion 15ml
Alkali Salt deacidifying 60g
Body Oil 30ml
Body Scrub 15ml
Oil Bath for the Senses 30ml
Herbal Whey Bath nourishing 40g
Shower /Shampoo 30ml
Detox Oil 30ml
Firming Oil 30ml

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