Why is your brand a game-changer in the skincare industry?

When you purchase Augustinus Bader products, you are investing in your skin health. This skincare product is state-of-the-art and contributes in a rational, scientific way. We know how to trigger the skin to repair itself, and we have integrated this knowledge into the highest quality patented formulations to deliver the best results for all skin types. This is the benefit of all my medical work over the past 30 years. After three to four weeks of using this - and only this - you’ll see a big difference in skin quality.

You’ve conducted academic researches in stem cells for 30 years. How did they help you in creating the TFC-8?

After many years of researching the regenerative capabilities of stem cells, I began to understand how the body healed itself in conditions of trauma and inflammation. My research findings were the basis for the creation of the first trial of the Trigger Factor Complex (TFC1), developed for a medical-grade wound gel that repairs large traumatic wounds without the need for skin grafting. 

The Trigger Factor Complex 8 (TFC8) is the eighth trial of the complex, adapted to create a non-medical skincare product for every day as opposed to just wounds. I developed ‘TFC8’, a novel transporting mechanism, to deliver essential actives to cell microenvironment in the right concentrations, supporting the skin to assume a healthy repair process. The non-medical skincare product is actually the most scientifically advanced as it has to navigate the body’s natural healing code differently as there isn’t any open wound or no need for local stimulation. We found a solution to provide the right nutrients for the skin's intrinsic stem cells. 

At what age does the skin start declining? When should one begin using anti-age skincare?

People of all ages can use our creams, but the onset of the aging process varies depending on the natural regenerative capacity of the individual. The genetic code in your skin is set. You were born with it, and it is a given, but you can influence it. Aristotle said, “We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently,” so that applies here as well. We have the means to course-correct our cells – so we’ve developed a technology that encourages the cells to naturally repair the daily damage that causes aging. The more you use it, the stronger and healthier your skin will look. 

What happens if Augustinus Bader’s creams are used on a daily basis and then suddenly interrupted?

This skincare product is not a temporary fix; there are no fillers or ingredients to make you look nice. The innovation is the ability to support your skin to fix itself, meaning you will retain any improvements to your skin even if you're unable to use regularly. Whereas some moisturizers simply do their job for the day in hand, this one works to train skin in the long term. If there is a specific issue you are targeting, twice daily application is the recommendation to see benefits sooner.

Your creams are formulated both to fight wrinkles and acne, how can they cover such different problems at the same time?

What we offer are protection and care; we do something that protects your skin by helping your skin to be healthier. The formula essentially acts as a toolbox, providing the skin cells with everything they need to naturally fix the things that go wrong, whether that’s age-related or as a result of things like pollution.

Is it possible to apply Augustinus Bader’s creams after a serum by another brand? Or may it interfere with the TFC-8 action?

For optimum results, our creams work best when our active ingredient, TFC8®, is the first point of contact with clean skin. If you are using other skincare products as part of your routine to target specific issues, let our creams fully absorb into the skin before applying other skincare.

Any new launches you would like to share with us?

The Body Cream is our latest addition to the product line. We adjusted the formulation to suit larger areas of skin than both The Rich Cream and The Cream, but it contains the same unique technology (TFC8). Currently, we are developing new variations, formulations, and textures of products based on our concepts of skin health, protection, and care by physiologic means. We are working hard to adjust the formulations to different areas of skin.