Welcome to the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).

These General Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as “CGU”) are concluded between:

● the company NOSE, a simplified joint stock company with capital of 131,463.20 euros, whose head office is located at 20, rue Bachaumont in 75002 Paris (France). It is registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 534 386 818. Telephone: +33 (0)1 40 26 46 03. Email address: (hereinafter referred to as “ Nose ”),

And :

● Internet users who connect and browse the Website, (hereinafter referred to as “Users” or “The User”).


1.1. The purpose of the CGU is to govern the rights and obligations of Users when they connect and browse the Site.(i) from their own access system (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) or (ii) from iPads and/or self-service terminals made available to them in the Nose store or those of its partners. Nose strongly recommends that you read all of these provisions carefully. Where applicable, Nose invites the User to read the specific conditions of use of its partners for the use of iPads and/or self-service terminals made available by them.

1.2.Their purpose is not to inform the User about the conditions and terms of ordering, sale and delivery of the products offered for sale on the Site, nor to govern the rights and obligations of the parties for the sale of the products. products purchased by the User on the Site, nor to inform Users about the processing of their personal data and their rights. For more information, these T&Cs are supplemented by theTerms of Salesand by thePrivacy Policy,also accessible from the bottom of the Site page by clicking on “T&Cs” and “Confidentiality Charter and cookies”.

1.3.To create an account on the Site, allowing an olfactory diagnosis to be carried out or to place an order, the User is systematically invited beforehand to read and accept the T&Cs by checking the box “I accept the conditions of NOSE”. Consequently, opening an account implies, on the part of the User, their full and unreserved prior consent to the T&Cs.

1.4.For any additional information on the T&Cs, Nose can be reached at the number +33 (0) 1 40 26 46 03, and by email at as well as at the store located 20, rue Bachaumont in 75002 Paris (France), during the opening hours of the service indicated in the “Contact Us” section of the Site. If necessary, the User can also contact Nose's partners.

1.5.The Site is published and operated by the company Nose, a simplified joint stock company with capital of 131,463.20 euros, whose head office is located at 20, rue Bachaumont in 75002 Paris (France). It is registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 534 386 818. FR intra-community VAT number: 47534386818 The Publication Director is Mr. Nicolas Cloutier, legal representative of Nose.

The Site is hosted by the company NO BLUE SCREEN SYSTEM, a simplified joint stock company, with capital of 203,905.00 euros, registered in the Meaux Trade and Companies Register under number 423 410 901, whose head office is located 20, rue Albert Einstein, 77420 CHAMPS-SUR-MARNE. You can contact the host by mail at the above address or by telephone 01 58 56 60 80.


2.1. Access to the Site

2.1.1.Nose implements all means at its disposal to ensure Users' access to its Site. However, Nose cannot guarantee operation without interruptions or disruptions to access to the Site. In particular, Nose may be required to carry out maintenance work and updates of its Site to adapt its content and/or integrate changes to the services and functionalities offered there, which may temporarily interrupt its access.

2.1.2.The User can access and browse the Site free of charge without having first created an account. In particular, he can discover the Nose concept and the products sold on the Site, as well as find out about current events in the perfumery and cosmetics sectors. The User can also consult the “FAQ: frequently asked questions” section to obtain more information on Nose, the functionalities of the Site as well as the world of perfumery and cosmetics.

2.1.3.The User must, where applicable, create an account or log in to their account to carry out an olfactory diagnosis, benefit from the functionalities linked to the account and order the products offered for sale on the Site.

2.2. Creating an account

2.2.1.The User can create an account on the Site, either by completing the appropriate form via the home page of the Site (, or through their Facebook profile, from the “My Account” section. located in the menu at the top left or by clicking on the appropriate icon located on the right of the screen. In addition, they can also create an account from the iPads and/or self-service terminals made available to them in the Nose store or those of its partners, with the assistance of their teams.

2.2.2.To create an account on the Site to carry out an olfactory diagnosis, the User must indicate their last name, first name, email address, password, date of birth, gender as well as postal code and country of residence, then click on the “Save and go to diagnostics” icon. To create an account on the Site to order a product, the User must indicate their last name, first name, gender, date of birth, email address, password, telephone, address, postal code, city and country of residence.

2.2.3.To create an account via their Facebook profile, the User must click on the corresponding Facebook “Register” icon then enter their Facebook account login credentials. The User, unless he is connected at the same time to his Facebook account from the same terminal, then sees a page displayed on his browser, inviting him to confirm his registration via his Facebook account by clicking on the “OK” icon or to refuse by clicking on the “Cancel” icon.

2.2.4.From the Site's home page, the User can access their “My Account” space, located in the menu bar at the top left, by indicating their connection details. Once connected, the User can consult the functionalities:

(i) “My Account”, allowing him to access his profile, his addresses, the history and tracking of his orders, as well as to manage his subscriptions to Nose Newsletters and to update his data;

(ii) olfactory “My Diagnosis”, allowing him to consult his portrait, his preferences, recommendations, evaluations and favorites, as well as to produce a new diagnosis;

(iii) “My Gift Card”, allowing them to consult the balance of their gift card or to offer a gift card to a loved one.

2.2.5.If the User has forgotten his password, he simply needs to access the “My Account” section, located in the menu bar at the top left, then click on the “Forgotten password” icon and enter your email address and validate. The user will then receive an email from Nose allowing them to change their password by following the instructions specified in the email.

2.2.6.The User can also find their account identifiers from the iPads and/or self-service terminals made available to them in the Nose store or those of their partners, with the assistance of their teams.

2.3. Olfactory diagnosis

2.3.1Nose offers Users the opportunity to carry out an olfactory diagnosis online. The User is invited, if necessary, to indicate their olfactory preferences via a questionnaire. At the end, Nose draws up an olfactory portrait of the User and then recommends five perfumes. The creations proposed by Nose are in no way equivalent to those that the User has provided.

2.3.2.Carrying out an olfactory diagnosis is free and can be repeated as many times as the User wishes. A summary email is sent to the User at the end of each of their diagnostics.

2.3.3.If desired, the User can order the perfumes or samples of the perfumes recommended to them (the “Sample Kit” consisting of five samples) or go to the Nose store or those of its partners to test them. and continue their olfactory diagnosis, with the assistance of their teams.

2.3.4. The acquisition of a “Sample Kit” allows the User to benefit from a “Promotional Code” in the amount of twelve euros, which can be used on their next purchase on the Site, excluding samples. , indicating it when validating your basket. The balance of the Promotional Code must be used at once. The Customer cannot combine several Promotional Codes for the same order. In addition, the Customer cannot use his “Promotional Code” when using his Gift Card balance.

2.4. The “Gift Card*”

The User can offer a “Gift Card” to a loved one by indicating their name, that of the beneficiary, select the email address to which the gift card will be sent and enter the amount of their choice. The User can also choose to send the Gift Card by post or collect it in store. The balance can be used by its beneficiary on the Site or at the store located 20, rue Bachaumont in 75002 Paris (France). In addition, the User who has himself benefited from a Gift Card can consult the balance by clicking on the “My Giftcard balance” icon after having entered the gift card number received jointly with the Gift Card and then clicking Click “Activate”. The User can use the balance of their Gift Card by entering the number associated with this card in the appropriate box during the ordering process on the Site. Using the “Gift Card balance” or activating the “Gift Card” will automatically charge the associated balance to the price of the order.

2.5. Nose Responsibilities

2.5.1. Hyperlinks

Hypertext links may be inserted on the Site and direct you to third-party websites of Nose. Nose draws the User's attention to the fact that it exercises no control over these websites. Consequently, the User acknowledges that Nose is neither responsible for the accuracy of their content, nor for their compliance with current legislation.

2.5.2. Access, navigation and use on the Site

Nose draws the User's attention that the internet network is not secure. It is up to the User to take all appropriate measures to protect their data, software and devices. Except in the case where the User accesses the Site from the iPads and/or self-service terminals made available to them in the Nose store or in those of its partners, it is their personal responsibility to set up the IT resources and telecommunications allowing access to the Site. Any related costs are his sole responsibility. Nose cannot be held responsible if the non-execution or poor execution of the T&Cs is attributable either to the User, or to the unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party unrelated to the provision of the services provided for in the T&Cs, or to a case of force majeure.


3.1. User behavior on the Site

3.1.1.In general, Users undertake not to use the Site in violation of the law and regulations in force. In addition, they undertake to respect all the provisions of the T&Cs.

3.1.2.Users undertake to use the Site as a reasonable person placed in the same situation, with regard to other Users, Nose, its partners and any other third natural or legal person. In particular, they undertake to use the Site:

(i) by refraining from diverting it from its purpose for fraudulent or ill-intentioned purposes, and in particular for the purpose of causing harm,

(ii) by refraining from disrupting its operation, such as the voluntary or involuntary congestion of Nose servers and/or email recipients by wild mailing (spamming, bulk e-mail, junk e-mail or mail bombing), the sending of attractive messages necessarily generating an imposing number of responses (teasing or trolling) which may thus disrupt the availability of said servers, by using computer viruses or any other code or program, designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of the site,

(iii) by refraining from using it for commercial purposes, and thus from using it on a personal basis and not with the aim of illicitly taking advantage of Nose's investments through unfair and/or parasitic actions;

(iv) by refraining from misappropriating and/or usurping the identity of a third natural or legal person as well as the identifiers and passwords of other Users.

3.1.3.Where applicable, the User undertakes to use the iPads and/or self-service terminals and/or printers made available to them at the Nose store or by its partners in accordance with the instructions given to them by the staff. In any case, the User undertakes to use them with care, and not to use them for any purpose other than accessing the Nose application, nor to degrade or modify them.

3.2. Users’ obligations

3.2.1.Users undertake to provide Nose with a valid email address.

3.2.2.Nose informs Users that they are solely responsible for the use that may be made of their accounts. Any access to their account made from their identifiers and passwords will be deemed to have been made by the Users themselves. As such, they are required to take the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of this data. In particular, Users are responsible for the use of their accounts by a minor placed under their parental authority. 3.2.3. At the end of their session on the iPads and/or self-service terminals made available to Users at the Nose store, Users are required to log out, by clicking on the appropriate insert, from their personal account.3.2. 4. In the event of misuse of their access codes, the User undertakes to notify Nose without delay by contacting it at the number +33 (0) 1 40 26 46 03 or by email at info@noseparis . com or, where applicable, its partners.

3.3. Sanctions

Nose reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close any account where the User has failed to comply with one of the principles set out in article 3 of the T&Cs.


4.1.The Site as a whole, as well as the products and their packaging sold there, and each of the visual or audio elements which compose it (namely in particular the brands, logos, designs and models, illustrations, photographs, texts, animations, videograms, phonograms, software, source codes and databases) are the exclusive property of Nose or of the holders of the intellectual property rights concerned. All of these elements are protected by copyright, trademark law, design law, patent law as well as sui generis rights.

4.2Consequently, any reproduction, communication, downloading, modification, intervention, extraction or total or partial use of any of these elements belonging to Nose or a third party, for any reason and for any medium whatsoever, to others purposes other than those strictly necessary for its operation and use, requires the prior written authorization of Nose or their owners, except when authorized by law.

4.3.The use, in any form whatsoever, by Users of certain elements of the Site, and in particular images and sounds, may also constitute an infringement of the personality rights of the holders of these rights.

4.4.The User declares and guarantees to be informed that in the event of failure to comply with any of these obligations, he is exposed to legal proceedings before the civil and/or criminal courts. Furthermore, in this case, Nose reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close any account with or through which the User has failed to comply with one of these principles.


5.1.Nose may change its T&Cs (i) in application of a legislative or regulatory provision or (ii) to adapt them to changes in the activities and/or content of the Site.

5.2.In the case referred to in article 5.1, Users who have already created an account will be invited to read the modified T&Cs and, if they agree, to accept them.

5.3.If the User does not accept the modification of the T&Cs, his account and personal data will be deleted. In addition, the User then undertakes to no longer use the Site.


6.1.The T&Cs are governed by French law and regulations.

6.2.In the event of a dispute, the User has the possibility, before any legal action, to resort to an amicable solution and in particular to a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative method of dispute resolution. In particular, the User and/or Nose can resolve a dispute through the Online Dispute Resolution platform set up by the European Commission, accessible at the following address: From this platform, the parties can file an online appeal against the other, who will be informed. The Client and Nose will together choose an extrajudicial dispute resolution body to which the Dispute Resolution platform will transmit the dispute.

6.3. The French courts have jurisdiction.

6.4.However, if the User resides in a State other than France, he cannot be deprived of the protection provided to him by the mandatory rules of the legislation of his country of residence.

Last update December 8th 2023